The Social solution

How To Use Social Media To Make You Smarter, Healthier And Better

Harness the Hidden Power of Social Media To Unlock Your True Potential

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the negative impact that social media is having on your life or the life of someone you love?

Would you like to go from spending hours mindlessly scrolling on your phone to using social media as a tool to help you bring out the best possible version of yourself?

Well, it’s time to say goodbye to The Social Dilemma and say hello to The Social Solution!

In this free guide, I’m going to share 6 simple yet effective ways that you can use social media platforms in a healthy and productive way while making sure you steer away from all of the toxicity that can go along with it.

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This guide will be useful for anyone who uses social media and is motivated and driven to become a better version of themselves but is unsure of HOW to go about it.

Does any of the following sound like you ... ?

  • You spend a lot of time on your social media account and are very aware of the negative ways in which it is impacting your life. Maybe you've already been wondering what changes you can make to improve your relationship with social media.

  • You already have a strong desire to improve yourself but you struggle with motivation, accountability, and specific, actionable tactics you can implement to achieve the growth you want to see in yourself.

  • You are a young adult that is at a crossroads in life and doesn't know what next steps to take to move your life in the right direction.

  • You are just coming out of a major life change (health scare, breakup, career shift, etc.) and have a spark of inspiration to begin some significant life changes.

Then this is the training for you!

“Not just a high school teacher, but a sincere inquirer. What he’’s doing is an important conduit to get to people and he is the man to do it”

- Peter Boghossian

“Will is a great teacher with really wonderful insights into education”

- Jonathan Haidt

“Will’s approach to education is one that is rooted in critical thinking, not critical theory, a critical distinction. His understanding of this difference and willingness to place his values on the right side of it makes him part of the solution that moves us away from these problems”

- James Lindsay

Who is behind The Social Solution?

Hi, I’m Will and I’m the creator of The Social Solution!

I’m a high school social studies teacher who has had a long career in helping young people build themselves into their best version. I am a respected expert and social commentator on the topic of viewpoint diversity and live in Los Angeles with my beautiful wife, Sheila, and our three sons.

But my life hasn’t always been like this! Growing up, I generally coasted through many things in life - always looking for the easiest route. School, athletics, etc. were all areas where the bare minimum was the norm.

In my early 20s, I became very sick with a rare medical condition called Inter-cranial Hypertension. After spending prolonged periods of time in the hospital, I was left with a feeling that I wanted to be better. What would I be capable of if I really tried?

So in 2018, I started my own social media journey because I wanted to use my voice to improve, not worsen the division and degradation I was seeing in society. What I didn't expect was that it would make ME better.

By applying the 6 steps outlined in The Social Solution to me, I was able to change my life around in the best possible way. My hope is that by sharing what I have learned, you will now be able to do the same.

Take the first step towards a more productive use of social media today and get access to your free social media training ...